Scaling the Achievement

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Scaling the Results

Companies benefit from their planet action in terms of costs, innovation, employee engagement, customer retention, supply chain resilience and brand development. On top, their action creates and scales a momentum for even more planet action by their suppliers and competitors, making it easier for politics and industry associations to follow suit and also raise the bar when it comes to sustainability in general. Hence, marketing planet action serves both the companies, and the transformation of the system as such.

As the NGO supporting planetgroups and their companies, we therefore go to great lengths to spread the word of any planet action we witness. We do this through our Social Media Accounts, through our Website and our collaboration platform the PlaNet, we do it through press and media work, and we do it by individually sharing and consulting on benchmark activities and best practice results which we hear about. All of that surely only takes place once and if the companies involved agree to us doing so.

The more we grow, the more “real” jobs we will have available, which we will of course advertise on our website and in our newsletter. In addition, if you want to start a subsidiary of our NGO in your country, please get in touch; we will be happy to discuss whether this makes sense, and how we would go about.

We also have several volunteer roles available. If you are interested, please contact us and we will be happy to sign you up.

In order to grow our activities and scale our outreach, we will create a Social Media and Customer Service Team which will then be supported by volunteers around the world. Here your tasks can be: to create a facebook or instagram or comparable channel for your country and translate and share our stories about our activities and achievements there, to schedule “First Contact” calls with people who want to know more about planetgroups and how we operate, to send information about us and give interviews to local newspapers or radio stations in your region, to create inspiring videos and tutorials about our work and successes, to approach celebrities and relevant experts whether they want to support our work, to actively approach people in your network whether they want to start a planetgroup in their organization, and many more. We are currently building up an onboarding and monitoring process for these volunteer activities and look forward to your support.

A crucial part of our work is to create and sustain momentum, to guide through processes, to inspire and motivate, to facilitate communication and decision making, and to establish working structures for our planetgroups in their organizations. We achieve this by accompanying our planetgroups with state of the art methodology when it comes to process facilitation, event design and hosting practices, drawing from approaches like Design Thinking, SCRUM, Theory U, the Art of Hosting, Working Out Loud, Appreciative Enquiry, Work that Reconnects, and many others.

In order to continuously develop these methodologies, we will put all our tools and practices online and welcome trainers, coaches, and facilitators who are active in change, leadership, mediation and communication of any sort to join in. If you are active in any of these fields and want to be involved, please let us know how you can contribute. We will share tools, approaches, materials, exercises, feedback and experiences with each other in order to leverage our impact and outreach further.

Our planetgroups ambassador program is designed for individuals who would like to take an active role in supporting the planetgroups mission. We welcome professionals from all sectors and business environments who share our passion for a planet positive business world and our solution-oriented approach to getting there.

If you like to become a planetgroups ambassador, we would appreciate your help in any or all of the following three key areas:

1.         Spreading the word: Help us raise planetgroups’ profile and promote our mission via social media and your professional and personal networks

2.         Connecting and introducing:  Help us reach the right people in the right companies.

3.         Giving Feedback & Support: Help us get better at what we do and how we do it through offering your knowledge, expertise and ideas.

If you are interested in this opportunity to be part of our exciting journey, while at the same time building relationships and networks with like-minded people, we look forward to hearing from you.

Last but not the least, in our collaboration platform called the PlaNet, we have groups and subgroups for every industry, solution, and job family / function, as can be seen in the picture below:

Every subgroup is administered by one or more moderators. Their task is

a) To prepare and regularly update some foundation to the topic, e.g. articles, videos, data or the like, accessible in the platform.

b) To regularly (every week or so) send some updates into the community, stirring discussions and informing members about new trends and challenges.

c) To answer or forward some of the questions arriving in the platform – at least if nobody else is answering.

d) To authorize uploads from other platform members and make sure they are saved within the right structure.

e) To forward news and achievements from within your group to the planetgroups marketing team for further PR, outreach and inspiration to other planetgroups and companies.

This is an ideal role if you have content to share and are interested in establishing networks and contacts with companies, e.g. as a consultant or an expert on the matter with a professional interest in networking and exchange.

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