The Climate Business Challenge

From an extractive to a regenerative way of doing business — in just 3 hours!

The planetgroups Climate Solution Game

Sustainability and climate protection are on almost everyone’s minds. More and more companies are setting climate targets and joining alliances such as the “Science Based Targets Initiative”, the “UN Global Compact”, the “Climate Pledge” or the “Race to Zero”.

However, global CO2 emissions keep rising at a steady rate:

The so-called “Keeling Curve”, on which the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is measured, also shows a continuous increase: The same applies to methane, which is even more damaging to the climate:

Independent institutes have come to disillusioning conclusions in their analyses of the sustainability initiatives of major corporations: 13 out of 24 climate strategies were recently given the seal of approval “low integrity” or even “very low integrity”

What is the reason? Is it all greenwashing? Can’t companies do what they want, or don’t they want to do what they can? Or, in the end, is it because they simply don’t yet know exactly how you make change happen? Is there a lack of methodologies and tools?

How come climate protection and sustainability are not yet an integral part of every business decision and planning?

The thesis “planetgroups” is quite clear on this: As long as sustainability and climate protection are not anchored in every function in a company, but are only assigned to a small number of sustainability experts and production managers, our strategies cannot and will not become more sustainable and credible. Sustainability cannot be limited to fixing what main business is destroying. Main business must become sustainable. So every job is a climate job.

But where do we start?

We have developed a simulation game that we would like to play with you.

In the Climate Business Challenge, participants experience in a fun, interactive way why sustainability is no longer an “add-on” to business for their companies – and how to get started implementing it. We play the game „live“ or online on the platform “MURAL” – it can be played in the web browser, registration on the platform is not required.

The game is about two findings in 3 hours in two rounds: 

1) PART ONE: “Understanding the DRIVERS OF TRANSFORMATION” makes clear WHY the business case got us into the climate crisis, and why it is now driving us in a new direction.

2) PART TWO: “Developing Your Own SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY” gives participants an easy-to-use structure on HOW to develop a climate and sustainability strategy for their company from this in simple broken down steps.

How can we in our company become a PIONIER, a LEADER on the path to a planet positive, regenerative economy? In the Climate Solution Game, we provide tools and the framework to get started.

After the game, over 80% of participants* say they now have a much more concrete idea of how to drive sustainability in their organizations. And over 90% say they “feel like getting started on projects now.”

You can immediately integrate all the ideas developed in this game into your sustainability initiatives and start implementing them. So the game is not only interactive knowledge transfer, but also an incubator and starting point for further projects and initiatives on how you become regenerative, i.e. “planet positive” in your company.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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