Creating impact

You want to make a difference in your company. You want your company to be successful and good for the planet. We provide you with a roadmap to get you there.

Our mission is to build sustainability into the heart and business model of your company. We walk you through a well designed process which adds energy and direction for your organization to achieve this.

How we do it

Our work starts with the core belief that together we can create a better future, where successful companies thrive on a healthy planet. Our job is to help you navigate that path.

Your Planet Journey

Creating Momentum

We help you to get buy-in from management and co-workers by providing mail templates and presentations adjusted to your specific industry and context. In this first phase we also explain in more detail who we are and how we operate.


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Getting Started

We provide insight, examples and ideas on what you can do in your company, tailored to your positions and your industry.


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Designing the Process

We conduct surveys and facilitate workshops in order to decide on priorities and establish a working structure.


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Making it Work

We co-organise and follow up on tasks, set milestones, provide assistance and monitor the process when needed. Our methods help to make your journey enjoyable, impactful and easy to integrate into your daily workload.


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Entering the PlaNet

We give you access to our collaboration platform called the PlaNet, where you can get in touch with experts, find valuable information and exchange with other planetgroups.


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Scaling the Achievement

We showcase your efforts and successes both inside and outside of your company. Your work is important and people should know about it.


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