planet day

Friday, Sept 10th, 2021

Making it happen - Climate Action on the ground

planetgroups are celebrating the launch of their Crowd Investing Campaign

With John Elkington, Mariana Bozesan, Katharina Beck, Wim Vermeulen, Patrick Graichen, Ragnhild Nilsen, Katharina Reuter, Giovanna Jagger, Sara Schurmann, Annika Joeres, Lino Zeddies, Ivo Degn, and many others…

…and Steph Grace as performing artist.

All revenues generated will be donated to Every Euro given will be matched by another Rainforest Trust donor.

Tickets for the day 20 EUR (individuals), 90 EUR (corporates), 390 EUR (rainforest sponsors)

Planet Day – Friday, Sep. 10th 2021

Panel One, 9 am CET - “Building a vision for the future – the art of effective Climate Communication”

Sounding the alarm has not worked. Not sounding the alarm has not worked. How can we now make our communicative frames for the climate crisis more effective, so that we start living up to the challenge as societies, as citizens, and as businesses?

Sara Schurmann

Sara Schurmann, Journalist (G&J, VICE Media, ZEIT online, and Co-Founder of the “Network Climate Journalism”

Prof. Maike Sippel

Prof. Maike Sippel, Hochschule Konstanz, Club of Rome, GermanZero, Co-Initiator of and the #climatechallenge

Lino Zeddies

Lino Zeddies, Author of “Utopia 2048”, Storyteller, and Co-Founder of the Reinventing Society Institute – Zentrum für Realutopien

Dr. Ragnhild Nilsen

Dr. Ragnhild Nilsen, Author, Artist, Climate Psychotherapist, Executive Coach, NLP Master, Social Entrepreneur, and Impact Investor

Planet Day – Friday, Sep. 10th 2021

Panel Two, 10 am CET - “An Introduction into planetgroups - How we drive the Corporate Climate Transformation from within”

Everyone can be part of the solution – in every job! Together with representatives of our existing planetgroups we will share with you how our planet process works, give you a tour of our PlaNet collaboration platform, and show you our Climate Solution Game and other tools.

planetgroups act as change agents in their companies.

They are guided through a thorough process in order to drive innovation and sustainability in so called “planet projects”.

Our PlaNet – collaboration platform allows for exchange and best practice learning also from planet action in other companies.

Templates and Tools (like our Climate Solution Game) make our work intuitive and entertaining.

Planet Day – Friday, Sep. 10th 2021

Panel Three, 11 am CET - “It`s the Decade of Action - Why we all need to write a letter to our great-grandchildren”

This is the decisive decade of action. What we decide in the next nine years will determine what the world will look like in the next hundred. We must be very aware of the responsibility we bear for humanity.

In this interactive workshop Wim Vermeulen, one of the makers of “The Decade of Action Documentary” (, will present his campaign and ask the participants to join Paul Polman and many others in writing a letter to their great-grandchildren. It`s a great way to get focused.

Planet Day – Friday, Sep. 10th 2021

Panel Four, noon CET - “We need system change– so how can we drive politics?”

If an asteroid was approaching the planet, we would summon all our power to prevent it from destroying our home. How can we do a better job at convincing politics that the climate crisis has to be dealt with in just the same coherent, united and decisive manner?

Annika Joeres

Annika Joeres, German Journalist working in France for Die ZEIT and, Author of “Die Klimaschmutzlobby”

Katharina Beck

Katharina Beck, former Strategy Consultant, Co-Founder of the Reinventing Society Institute, leading the Green Party at the elections in Hamburg

Dr. Patrick Graichen

Dr. Patrick Graichen, Executive Director Agora Energiewende, former Head of Climate & Energy Policy at the Ministry of the Environment

Dr. Katharina Reuter

Dr. Katharina Reuter, Managing Director Federal Association of Green Business, Co-Initiator Entrepreneurs4Future

Dr. Julian Zuber

Dr. Julian Zuber, CEO GermanZero e.V., striving to make Germany climate neutral by 2035; Co-Founder Polis 180 e.V.

Planet Day – Friday, Sep. 10th 2021

Panel Five, 2 pm CET - “How do we create Green Swans?”

A “Green Swan“, according to John Elkington, is "a profound market shift which delivers exponential progress in the form of economic, social, and environmental wealth creation“. The next 10 years, he forecasts, will determine whether “we now allow Black Swans to pull us down, or whether we harness Green Swan dynamics to create forms of wealth that many of today`s minds would consider improbable, or even impossible.“

In this exciting panel, John Elkington and Club of Rome member Mariana Bozesan uncover how to make Green Swans a reality. Join their conversation on how to create abundance using safe exponential tech, capital, and consciousness leadership to transition to a sustainable global society that ensures the future of life.

John Elkington

John Elkington, inventor of the “Triple Bottom Line” and “a dean of the corporate responsibility movement for three decades” (Business Week)

Dr. Mariana Bozesan

Dr. Mariana Bozesan, Award-winning Investor & Serial entrepreneur, Club of Rome member, Author of “Integral Investing: From Profit to Prosperity”

Planet Day – Friday, Sep. 10th 2021

Panel Six, 3 pm CET - “Impact measuring and reporting: Is Carbon Accounting the solution, or part of the delay?”

What is the relationship between planet action and analysis? How do we make sure we do both? A sharing of best practice tools and experiences on carbon accounting and impact reporting.

Giovanna Jagger

Giovanna Jagger, Business Development Director at World Wide Generation / G17Eco, Co-Founder Lumi Design, Serial Purpose Entrepreneur and Advisor

Harriet von Kügelgen

Harriet von Kügelgen, Sustainability Engagement Manager at Planetly , Master in Carbon Management University of Edinburgh

Sonja Honigmann

Sonja Honigmann, Corporate Manager at right. based on science, analyzing how companies climate impact (inside-out) is interacting with their climate vulnerability (outside-in).

Planet Day – Friday, Sep. 10th 2021

Panel Seven, 4 pm CET - “Climate Farming – the solution is at our feet”

An exchange on Regenerative Agriculture as a solution to the Climate Crisis. How can companies impact the agricultural transformation, and how can the agricultural transformation impact us?

Ivo Degn

Ivo Degn, Co-Founder Climate Farmers, former Founder of Knowmads Labs, and COO and Head of Product Development with ProjectTogether

Hannes Höhne

Hannes Höhne, Farm Manager Gut Haidehof, Freelance Counselor at the German Savory Hub for Landregeneration

Alba Pestana

Alba Pestana, Farm Manager Gut Haidehof focusing on organic horticulture and no-dig gardening.

Planet Day – Friday, Sep. 10th 2021

And in between…

1 pm – Lunch & Networking Opportunities

5 pm - Participants come together for a farewell and closing exchange on their learnings, best moments, and take aways of the day in groups of three!

… and between every panel Australian born and Berlin based folk-soul Singer-Songwriter Steph Grace will keep the vibes up and the connection strong.

Join our Planet Day

Making it happen - Climate Action on the ground

Planet Day – Friday, Sep. 10th 2021